Paint and electronic music may not seem like a good partnership, but as it turns out they are a good mix.

On Sept. 24, the students association continued the trend of big events with Technocolour Dreams Paint Party, a mix of electronic dance music and covering as much of the crowd as possible in as many colors of paint that they could get their hands on.

“It’s totally dope,” said Chelsea Rutherford, a public relations student. “I’ve never seen a turnout like this at Algonquin.”

Despite the cool weather over one 100 students were in attendance in white clothes, ready to leave while wearing their own unique mural.

“Getting sprayed with paint was great,” said Adrianna Goyette, a student in the paralegal program. “When I was in the crowd dancing I didn’t feel the cold so I’m glad it was the kind of music I could dance to,”

The DJs mixed things up with original songs and remixes of top billboard songs throughout the night, offering the crowd songs to dance and sing along to.

“It’s a good time, there’s good music, and you get to be drenched in paint,’ said Mike Ricchio, a broadcasting-radio student.

While most went for the EDM music, the standout of the show was Vio-lence, the stage name for the violinist who played alongside the DJs throughout the night. Vio-lence added his own unique sound that stole the crowd’s attention, from the synthesizers and bass drops.

“It could be better if it was a bit earlier in the year, but the violin part was pretty cool,” said Anthony Damario, a first-year student.

Even after dancing for hours in the chilly weather, most students had enough energy in them to go to the after party hosted at the Observatory. The rest left to shower off the masterpieces painted on them by the performers and clean off their newly tie-dyed belongings.