By: Samantha Brazeau-Wilson

Aymeric Zambo, first-year architecture technology student, John Paul Obidah, fourth-year small and medium enterprise student and Sara Bempah, the president of the club together to express African culture – food, music and dance.

The Algonquin African Club, founded in September 2012, is the first and only club on campus that is geared toward the continent’s culture.

Rita Teiko, event manager and founder, wanted to create an outlet for students to learn about the culture and traditions that the African community follow in a safe and supportive place.

Through the events they host, the club’s main goal is to bring people together from other countries in order to share their cultures and experiences in a way that is educational and entertaining.

Some events that the club has hosted include a showcase table with music, dancing and different types of food from the African culture. The second event was a movie night where they showed Sarafina! which told the story of the apartheid in South Africa.

Sara Bempah, president of the Algonquin African Club and third-year business administration student, their events allow students to get a different perspective on issues like apartheid that they otherwise would not learn on their own.

The Algonquin African Club invites students to attend their potluck on Dec. 14 which will feature traditional African dishes. The details on location and time have yet to be announced, but any questions can be directed to Sara Bempah or Rita Teiko at

“It’s not every day that you walk into a grocery store and pick up (African foods),” said Bempah. “Our potluck gives the opportunity to try something new.”

Students are welcome to bring a dish that features a part of their cultural background and the country that they are from.

The African Students Club is also brainstorming a fashion show event in collaboration with Carleton University and the University of Ottawa.
For more information on upcoming events you can follow their Twitter page @A_AfricanClub and subscribe to their Facebook group Algonquin African Club (AAC).