By; Janik Shannon

Sorcerer Kruskull, played by Penu Chalykoff, 35, gives the camera the evil eye.

Elves, demons, sorcerers, beastmen – and money. That’s what Spellfury is all about.

Working through a 45-day fundraiser, the online fantasy-action comedy web series is aiming to raise $24,000.

“We did the math and what we want to do is get $3,000 per episode to finish the last eight and pay everyone involved,” said Julie O’Halloran, 32, also known as the half-elf Druinia. “Right now people are contributing their time.”

Using the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, the Spellfury crew has set up a page to receive donations. Donating funds to the series not only provides viewers with future episodes, but also rewards donors with various gifts.

“Depending on what someone donates they do get a perk,” said O’Halloran. “For example, if they donate $59 or more they get a signed DVD of season one with the director’s commentary and special behind the scenes, an HD digital download of season two when it’s done and a full colour map of the realm.”

With the fundraiser soon coming to its end, an event will be taking place on Friday, Dec. 7 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at the Best Western Plus Perth Parkside Space & Inn.with a $10 entrance fee, a screening of all 16 episodes, light snacks, a cash bar, raffle and prizes will be offered.

“We’re in the midst of organizing (the event) right now. It’s been planned, we’re just trying to get the word out to everyone,” said O’Halloran.

Meeting in the theatre arts program at Algonquin back in the 90s, the grad trio of O’Halloran, Travis Gordon and Penu Chalykoff goes way back.

“I’ve cast those two in everything I’ve done since [Algonquin],” said Gordon, creator and writer of Spellfury. “When I moved into film I continued to use them in my projects.”

Having an idea of the cast in mind and being a fantasy fan played as an advantage for Gordon. Throughout all levels of school he read fantasy books and dove into the mythical realm now projected in Spellfury.

“We used to play Dungeons and Dragons as well,” said Gordon, 39. “I wanted something to capture that feeling of fun, of role playing.”

Playing the lead actress in the mini-series, O’Halloran says she really likes the role she’s been given. Over the years she’s played various parts, but finds the character Druinia to be the most challenging yet. By getting in shape, learning the choreography and art of swordplay, it gives her the opportunity to get real physical, get into fights and fend off any foes that challenge her.

“It’s something different. (Druinia is) a very strong character and I love female characters,” said O’Halloran. “I enjoy watching them and it’s a really good thing to see.”

With the support of the entire cast and crew along with those donating to their cause, Spellfury hopes for great things in the future.

“There are fans who are rising to support us in increasing numbers so I believe this is something we can keep doing indefinitely as long as we can continue to attract interest to the show and keep putting out some good stories with engaging characters,” said Chalykoff, 35, who plays Thrak, Kruskull, a fire demon and Castle. 

“We often get feedback on who people like or don’t like in the show and what they would like to see happen next, I can easily see Spellfury being the project that can get us into the professional sphere of what we do. We, just like many, but realized by so few, aspire to be paid doing what we love.”

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