By Steven Smeall

s_soccer womens
Thunder forward Kwanzaa Robest-Prescod advances the ball during their 9-0 victory against Cambrian on Oct. 6

A 2-2 draw for the Algonquin women’s soccer team versus Durham College on Sept. 27 may be what held them back from winning their division.

A win in the game against Durham would have resulted in Algonquin tying Seneca College for first place, and as Algonquin led in goals for, they could have taken the division with that win.

Durham and Algonquin were two teams fighting for the top spot in the East Division, so a draw is not shocking for either team.

Algonquin stayed strong following the loss and went 14-0 in their next three games to secure an undefeated season.

On Sept. 28 Algonquin visited Fleming College and made up for the previous day by winning 3-0.

The Thunder dominated the game offensively throughout the match, showing their capabilities defensively.

Goals were scored by Kwanzaa Robest-Prescod, Amy Savage and Kandyce Whitehead. Robest-Prescod has been dominant for the Thunder offense, scoring at least one goal in many games.

“Pretty much just us playing our game, keeping in shape, and listening to our coach,” said Robest-Prescod, in regards to her good performance.

Following the final two away games for the season, the Thunder returned home to close out the season in front of the home town crowd.

They certainly did put on a performance Oct. 5 when they took on Cambrian College. The offence-heavy Thunder was able to get away with the game quickly, winning by a score of 9-0.

“Any time you can get a win at home it is a good day,” said head coach Dom Oliveri.

In the first half of the game, Algonquin took a 4-0 lead and was expected to hold on defensively to secure the win.

The Thunder, however, wanted to show just what they had been working on since their second draw of the season. They added on another five goals in the second half to get the strong victory.

Algonquin’s three goals against throughout the season are good enough to hold them at second-best in the category, showing just how good this team is at both ends of the field.

First-year defender Breanna Humphreys was excellent in the blowout victory and credited the team knowing how to play together as the reason they had such a good season.

“Team off the field is clicking,” said Humphreys. “We have been spending a lot of time off the field together and learning each other’s personalities, which helps us know each other on the field.”

The massive victory was all that Algonquin needed heading into their game versus St. Lawrence-Kingston Vikings, one of the two teams that were ahead of them in the standings.

Being so close in the standings, a rivalry was already being built up before the two teams even met in-game.

“St. Lawrence is a pretty big rival,” said Humphreys. “There has been a couple of shots fired, back and forth, over media so we really need to go out there and kill it and prove to them we are the better team.”

Algonquin got off to a very quick start against the Vikings, with Jenna Baldree deflecting a shot to the back of the net in the seventh minute.

The early lead was then added on to by fifth-year midfielder Kelly Avalos in the 32nd minute of the game, giving Algonquin a 2-0 lead heading into the second half.

Algonquin was able to hold on to the lead despite constant pressure from the Vikings, getting the 2-0 victory.

The victory held Algonquin only two points back from first place in the division, showing that they would be ready for whichever team they’d have to face in the playoffs.

The Thunder now turn their attention to the playoffs, which will be starting Oct. 12, and the women understand that work will have to be put in to make sure they’re ready to make a run at the Provincial and possibly National Championships.