By Conner Schaeffer

The end of the fall semester means assignments are due and exams are beginning. Many people are happy that Christmas is just around the corner but are also very bombarded with schoolwork.

“Algonquin has a done a great job towards providing students with various stress outlets,” said Michelle Morley, Acting Chair of Nursing Studies.

Academic advisors are readily available to students as well as other facilities in order to help students who are feeling the pressures of deadlines.

“Every student deals with their stress differently, it varies from students to student,” said Morley.

“It is a very stressful time of year,” said Steve Szczepaniak, a level five accounting student, “I’ve had six tests in the last seven weeks and all of them were worth 20 percent. I have also had multiple assignments due as well,”

Steve relieves his stress by hanging out with friends after completing his schoolwork. He also finds relief in drinking and sleeping.

First year International student Fadl Al-maqtari feels the stress too. The 22 year old business administrative student moved to Ottawa from Yemen to attend Algonquin College.

“I’m looking forward to the winter break so I can finally relax. The end of the semester is very stressful because of all of the assignments and tests,” said Al-maqtari. “ I travel to Montreal and Toronto to visit with my friends in order to relieve some stress.”

And just like first years, third years feel the heat as well.

Rowan Morkis, a third year in Video Game Development says, “the end of the semester is more stressful than any other time of the year.” His program is primarily hand on based so his assignments really start to pile up around this time of year.

“Third year is less stressful than first and second year because I know what to expect and have become accustomed to it, but I am still looking forward to the break,” said Morkis. The future game developer agrees that family and friends are a great way to relieve stress. He spends most of his free time with his girlfriend.

Algonquin College takes pride in the variety of programs and facilities that are available and accessible on campus. Student success and mental health are of great importance at the school and many frontline workers make success their personal duty.

“We do our best to be accessible to all students and try to keep an open door policy,” said Karen Gendron, a Student Success Specialist. Gendron is one of many frontline workers at Algonquin who directly work with students promoting success and mental health.

“It’s a real joy working with students. Algonquin invests, believes and supports students success,” said Gendron.