~si_Snowsuit - Cait Morton

Ten volunteers travelled to the Snowsuit Fund depot Nov. 24 to participate in a community project that helps keep families warm this season.

“People can relate to putting a snowsuit on a child,” said general manager, Joanne Andrews. “Our volunteers are full, we’re turning people away.”

As of Nov. 24, the Snowsuit Fund had benefited from 588 volunteers, who put in

2,733 hours of work sorting donations and greeting and serving clients.

“I believe you should donate to charities that actually do something for people,” said Sandy Cline.

He and his wife, Rita, were volunteering at the depot as a birthday gift to their daughter, a client service representative with the Snowsuit Fund and current part-time early childhood education student at Algonquin.

“We benefit from the fact that our citizens care,” said Michelle Cline, who has been connected to the Snowsuit Fund since she was a young mother and Algonquin student over 15 years ago.

The AC Hub community projects encourage students to take any opportunity to get involved in the community, and it’s no secret that the holiday season is a great time to make a difference.

“Ottawa is consistently one of the coldest capital cities and, unfortunately, proper winter attire is quite expensive,” said Ally Foster, a third-year advertising and marketing student and one of the leaders of the community project.

“By volunteering at the Snowsuit Fund, I feel like we’re taking time to make sure there’s no reason that someone in our community can’t live, work, or play this winter.”

For more information on how you can get involved, check out the AC Hub’s online volunteer database or stop by the Volunteer Centre, located in E203 of the Student Commons.