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Smokers can suffer due to ban: councillor

Smokers who are nicotine dependent can have possible withdrawal symptoms during the smoking ban such as, difficulties in concentration and a hard time managing their moods, says a counselor.

Eliza Brown, 30, is a new counselor at Algonquin who has some insight and thoughts on the smoking ban and how it may affect the smokers on campus.

“I think there are pros and cons; from the school’s lens of things it is positive, which is why they decided to implement it,” said Brown. “But for the students who do smoke, it can be inconvenient for them and for the students who don’t, they can be in support of it.”

An increase in absence during long school days or counselling for smokers can occur due to the ban, but there isn’t a direct link to say for sure if that will happen, Brown said.

Increased tardiness could also be a problem for the students who smoke as they will have to go off campus to do so.

“There can be somewhat of a link to tardiness, but not a direct link,” said Brown. “It is up to the students to manage.”

Resources are always available at the school for help, as there is a new program coming soon called Quit and Get Fit, Brown explained.

This program lasts for eight weeks starting Jan. 29, and will offer students smoking cessation resources.

“It is going to help by incorporating fitness,” said Brown.


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