~si_Pride - Molloy
From left, Kat Norkum, Cassi Rylance, Zachary Gifford, Luka Roderique, Miguel De Mesa, Ray Desormeaux and Dmitri Melnik celebrate the end of Pride Week at Pride Social on March 20. The group partied with pizza, crafts and games.

It was an evening of games, crafts, pizza and friendly conversations. A small room, buzzing with activity. A short visit from Cheryl Jensen, the college president and gentle music playing through the speakers.

It was Pride Social, the final event put on by the Queer Student Alliance to celebrate the wrap-up of Pride Week, on March 20.

The evening, which began around 6 p.m., started with a slow turnout. Jensen dropped by and introduced herself to the attendees. She had a short conversation with members of the QSA, in which they spoke about the possibility of having a dedicated room, a pride center, for the college LGBTQ community.

Pride Week was a success for the QSA, and different workshops were put on throughout the entire week.

“When the club got started, we had a pretty low turn up,” said Jesse Young, second-year child and youth work student and leader of the QSA. “But by Halloween, we had about 30 members. We had about 15 people come to attend each of our workshops and there’s about 20 people here tonight too.”

“We decided to have Pride week to help people get together, and learn new things. And from what I’ve heard, people have learned a lot. I know I have,” said Young.

Young was not the only one who enjoyed learning new things throughout the week.

“It was important for us to throw Pride Week, to not only educate people on different aspects in our workshops, but also to create awareness,” said Luka Roderique, former massage therapy student and member of the QSA attending the Pride Social. “I think there’s a lot of need for support that just isn’t there at the college, and we need to have more of these events and workshops to help how people experience college.”

Although some members of the group had discussed throwing a Pride Week twice a year, the group decided against it. “I am opposed to that. It was not something we had discussed before, and I think that if you do something too much, it’s importance becomes diluted,” said Roderique.

As long as the QSA can get the support from the Student Association again next year, the club will definitely be having Pride Week again, along with more educational workshops.

“No one is ever too educated to learn,” said Roderique. “You always take something away from events like these.”