~si_Tembo - Alain

A charity that helps provide education for Tanzanian girls and micro-finances small business startups in the country got a boost thanks to first-year child and youth worker students.

The students organized a night full of arcade games and perogies, all in an effort to raise $1,500 for the not-for-profit organization called Project TEMBO.

“TEMBO is all about girl’s education and empowerment. I have a little sister who’s in school and she loves learning and being there,” said Julien DaSilva, a first-year child and youth worker student. “So I tie those two things together for girls all over the world to pursue their dreams through education.”

The students incorporated a medley of fundraising methods, including a photo booth, silent auction, 50/50 raffle and the door prize: a princess themed birthday party, courtesy of Princess Parties.

The event’s funding came from a bake sale and a book sale that the students had organized prior-to the event. All of the prizes were donated.

“Organizing an event like this is stressful,” said Latashia Nicholls, a first-year child and youth worker student. “But it’s still a great learning experience.”

Members from the Algonquin branch of Kappa Sigma donated a sweater that was sold in the silent auction.

“We like to help out,” said Kevin Dunk, a civil engineering student and member of Kappa Sigma. “It makes you feel good about yourself.”

The fraternity wasn’t there solely for philanthropy though. They also had the opportunity to chow down on some House of Targ perogies.

“Cheesy goodness, taste of perfection,” said Thoma Simpson, a business marketing student and Kappa Sigma member, as he rhymed-off a description of the perogies. “A true masterpiece.”