By: Katrice Sutherland

Second-year fitness health students Jeff Dupuis, Moe Mohamed, Alicia Hamilton and Jordan Whalen were fired up for the IKEA Madness event on March 11. Activities kept students entertained as they shopped for furniture during the SAO-organized event.

“A-L-G-O-N-Q-U-I-N, Algonquin!” was the call of the night on Wednesday March 11 when students covered in paint and dressed in green showed off their school spirit at the IKEA Madness event.

IKEA management has been working closely since June with Algonquin Student’s Association, and representatives of La Cite Collegiate, University of Ottawa and Carleton University to plan.

This exclusive late night shopping event was a chance for students to partake in competitive activities, display their spirit, and find killer discounts.

For Algonquin participants, the evening began with a free merchandise giveaway.

“After we finish properly ‘greening’ these guys, I‘m looking forward to organized chaos,” said Megan Martin, a returning event staff volunteer.

Resident advisors led the decorated crowd in a collection of traditional cheers at the residence pep rally before OC Transpo charter buses took students to the event.

“I’ve been doing this for three or four years now. I don’t recall anyone getting really out of hand, just a lot of screaming,” commented Rus Hill, one bus driver.

Chelsea Murray, the leading IKEA organizer of the event, complimented each school on their conduct.

“All four schools were showing a great display of school spirit, while still being respectful of their peers and IKEA co-workers,” she said.

Students took place in a number of activities run by school volunteers.

The ‘Build It to Win It’ race drew a lot of attention. Participants had to assemble furniture sets within a given time restriction, and whomever’s group finished first took home the product. Four Algonquin students rolled home new office chairs for their rooms.

Students earned prizes, filled up on two-dollar meatballs, bought desirable items at a fraction of normal costs, then headed home to try an remove the green from their bodies.

The IKEA Madness event has been taking place early every September since 2004 and has plans to continue just the same, hopefully with the addition of a few new games, next year.