By: Jessie Archambault

Trevor Goodyear proudly shows a picture of him and Dylan Cain. They call each other every night before going to bed.

Trevor Goodyear and Dylan Cain have been dating for almost a year. But, for the last five months they have had a long-distance relationship to which they found ways work around it.

Goodyear, 19, first met Cain, 20, through mutual friends in Algonquin’s cafeteria last March. They hit it off shortly after.

As all typical first date, Cain and Goodyear went out for dinner at the Hard Rock Café in the Byward market before strolling down by the canal for a couple hours. They were sitting on the edge of the locks, almost under the bridge.

“He asked if he could kiss me,” Goodyear said, smiling. There was no hesitation. A second later, we kissed, he said.

Their first kiss was described as “kinda sloppy at first, but it got better,” said Goodyear.

“It was awkward at first,” Cain said.

They started officially dating on April 8, 2012. “I pressured him into it,” said Goodyear. But, Cain ended up being the one to ask him out. In the beginning, Cain would regularly “write cute little poems” for me, said Goodyear.

“Their extremely cute, and they look insanely in love,” said Caroline Brooker, 21, a friend of the couple. You can just tell when someone really likes someone else, she added.

Last August, Cain decided not to return to school and left Ottawa to return home to Peterborough, Ont. Cain had second thoughts about continuing his education in pre-health at Algonquin.

“I expected him to stay in Ottawa,” said Goodyear, a nursing student.

The first couple months were spent fighting over little things, said Goodyear. But things got better. There was some frustration, said Cain.

“We weren’t used to it and missed each other,” said Goodyear.

“I felt really lonely,” said Cain. “We had to adjust.”

They established rules to make their relationship last until Cain returns to Ottawa this May. Their main rule is to call each other every night before going to bed, said Goodyear.

“It such a great rule,” Cain said. “It’s been good for our relationship.

They also try to visit each other every two-three weeks. Goodyear is hopping on the four-hour Greyhound bus ride on Feb. 15 to Peterborough for a Valentine’s weekend.