~si_echoTwo Algonquin interactive multimedia students are working on an anxiety app.

The apps purpose?

“To help people with anxiety, to help cope with it so they don’t feel like they have to go home, go to a councillor, basically so they can try to figure it out on their own,” said Britney Riley, one of the two students working on the app. Also working on the app is Megan Montgomery. The team hope to release the app in time for midterms.

Disabilities Counsellor Alison West Armstrong said the idea for the app came from two students with anxiety disorder, “because they know more than anyone what they need.” Echo is set to be released in about a month, preferably before midterms, and will be available on Android and IOS platforms.

The “about” section of Echo explains that it assists students through the anxiety process and helps students to return to class, tests, or school work.

Echo provides users with the option of creating their own safety plan. Opening the app you are prompted to choose a colour, green, yellow or red. Each colour represents a different level of anxiety you are feeling. Red is extreme anxiety, such as a panic attack. Yellow is very anxious, and green is anxious. Choose a colour and Echo will provide you with options based on your safety plan and anxiety level.

Call contact, breathing exercises, calming scenes and sounds. A separate menu offers resources and activities for users.

The Echo app icon and name are meant to be discreet, hopefully encouraging more students to download the app.

The name Echo is that of a service dog that accompanies an AC student advisor with Generalized Anxiety Disorder.