By Brooke Timpson

We all know that rock stars go on tour, but the same thing can be said about Ontario college student recruitment officers.

Algonquin’s Woodroffe campus hosted the second stop in a five-week tour for the annual College Information Program on Oct. 29.

With 22 colleges participating, Algonquin was abuzz with parents, faculty and prospective students alike.

The heroes of the event, the recruitment officers, were armed with literature, swag and answers to so many “what if” and “how do I” questions.

“Let’s just say I know this program has been around for at least the last 20 years,” said Sheridan College’s Student Recruitment Advisor and longtime College Information Program participant, Karen Marlatt.

“It’s a great way to talk about a bunch of opportunities,” said Marlatt. “Something like 60 per cent of students live commuting distance from (their college or university) and we are here to show them that something like residence is also an option that might be available for them.”

Michener Institute’s recruitment coordinator, student enrollment, Ingrid Schvarczkopf, focused her pitch on the provincial funding that can enhance a student’s learning experience and access to equipment and technology.

“We have funding from the Ministry of Health, which gives us unique access to long-term care options for our students,” she said.

“Hosting the College Information Program on our campus annually really allows the community to have access to opportunities outside of Ottawa. If you have questions about a campus in London, you can ask them right here,” said Anne Kalil, manager of student recruitment for Algonquin.

“It’s also a chance for current Algonquin students to see other education options that might not be available on our campus.”