While 115 families at the college have been served by the Food Cupboard, it’s still looking for far more support and participation from students.

The Food Cupboard was founded in October 2014 but did not start handing out provisions until mid-December.

It is a supportive service that operates off contributions donated by community members, including basic necessities ranging from canned goods to tissue paper.

Opening day of the initiative in December saw 625 items donated. Since then, the Food Cupboard has served 115 students at the college and their families.

“This is solely based on college community donations,” said coordinator, Skye Sullivan. “We urge students to continue to donate because it’s an ongoing service. We are impressed with the exceptionally generous support back we’ve gotten.”

Students are given a maximum of three days’ supply of food once a month to assist them.

Second-year computer assistance technician student Kassandra Sherry, 23, said the services have gone a long way in helping support her over the past two months.

“It has definitely been very helpful,” said Sherry. “I have a spouse and occasionally my stepson around too so it’s really been great.”

Getting the word out to students about the assistance available to them has been the most challenging issue facing the service. Social media advertising on Twitter and the school website, as well as special events being held through the SA are helping to spread the word.

Grand opening of the Food Cupboard took place on March 12 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony held by Students’ Association President Christina Miller. Light refreshments were provided and as always, donations were accepted.

Food Cupboard services can be accessed by any student on campus in C-building, room 050 or at the Students’ Association office.