Algonquin president Cheryl Jensen made more than the premier of Ontario, but less than the presidents of two smaller colleges, according to the 2016 Ontario public sector salary disclosure.

The disclosure, known as the Sunshine List, reveals every employee of the Ontario government who is paid $100,000 or more. It was released Friday and is searchable on

It showed Jensen was the eighth highest paid college president in Ontario in 2016, with a salary of $332,100, up from $321,166 in 2015.

The highest paid president was Christopher Whitaker of Humber College, which has about 30,000 full time students. He made $469,839.

Jensen made less than the presidents of two much smaller colleges. John Tibbits of Conestoga College, which has about 11,600 full time students, made $409,900 and Daniel Patterson of Niagara College, which has over 9,000 full time students, made $335,151.

Algonquin had 21,059 full time students in 2015-16, according to the latest annual report.

Jensen’s salary was more than even premier Kathleen Wynne, who made $208,974. Algonquin’s previous president, Kent MacDonald, was paid $258,792 in 2014, the year he left office.

The Board of Governors is responsible for setting the president’s salary. Jensen was not available for comment.

The highest paid dean was Christopher Janzen of the Faculty of Technology and Trades, who made $158,716. The lowest paid was Joanne Aubut, dean of Academic Development, who made $101,386

The highest paid chair was Marlene Tosh, chair of specialty nursing programs and contract training, who received $143,877.

The lowest paid chair was Megan Conway who was paid $102,685 as chair of Health and Community Studies.

In total the list showed six vice-presidents, eight deans, 23 chairs, 11 directors and four executive directors.

There are also many Algonquin professors on the Sunshine List.

In 2016, there were 11 professors paid $100,023, making them the lowest paid Algonquin employees eligible to be on the Sunshine List.