From left, Chris Campeau, Sam Chilton, Anno Moat, Meghan Cote
From left, Chris Campeau, Sam Chilton, Anno Moat, Meghan Cote

Eight students got to see their writings and illustrations come to life in print on Dec. 15.

Four childrens’ books made by Algonquin students and published through First Class Press — the college’s own publishing company — were unveiled at the Connections store.

One of those students was Anna Moat, a professional writing student who wrote the book Kenneth’s Feathers, who never expected to be a fiction author.

“We did this for extra credit over Christmas break,” said Moat.

To her surprise, Moat found that her story had been selected with three others to become a book. She was paired with Christine Ménard, from the illustration and concept art program.

“I worked with Anna mostly through email,” said Ménard. “We met in person very briefly.”

The books produced were: Kenneth’s Feathers, written by Anna Moat and illustrated by Christine Ménard; the Wish Granter, written by Meaghan Côté and illustrated by Andres Manzano Torres; Holey Moley, written by Sam Chilton and illustrated by Sara Williamson and the Vampire Who Had No Fangs, written by Chris Campeau and illustrated by Jessica Motta.

Larry Cavanagh, book department supervisor, was one of the organizers for the project. He was spurred on by previous successes First Class Press had with local authors like Nancy Higham, who was paired with Algonquin alum Paige Lee for Higham’s School Mice series of children’s books.

“The students have to buy 12 copies to cover the initial costs,” said Cavanagh. “But after that, the illustrator gets a third from sales and the writer gets a third. The college takes the remaining third.”

Cavanagh was very positive about the outcome of the project.

“We’re really trying to get these out there,” said Cavanagh. “I’m really looking forward to the new crop.”

In addition to the Connections store, the books will be sold through Amazon.