Godfrey Joekumar, an alumni in computer programming. He spoke highly about this event
Godfrey Joekumar, an alumni in computer programming. He spoke highly about this event

Algonquin’s first ever Design Thinking Mobfest has been a success.

The mobfest gathered people from different programs and was focused on how to improve the Student Commons by analyzing the various type of crowds that it attracts,

The event took place on Feb. 11 in the very same facilty they were trying to improve.

“Design thinking is when you’re supposed to extract all the details around a problem,” said Seaf Al-Munayer, an alumni of the computer programming course. “And you plan a solution taking into account the feeling of the user.”

“It was great to understand a problem from the viewpoint of a person who actually faces it,” said Gaurav Dabas, a student in the last year of the computer programming course “Understanding from that point of view kinda solves all of the user’s case and brings the whole picture in front of you.”

The event was held by Patti Church, a consultant for the Applied Research and Innovation department, together with Jed Looker, a graphic designer currently working in the same department.

“The best part was working with a team and having a mentor,” said Dabas. “Because you have a person with experience with you which can quickly give you feedback.”

Various issues were raised at the mobfest realted to what people need from the Student Commons.
One of the top concern raised was noise. As a social space, the Commons is a gathering place for a varied crowd of students, alumni, teachers and staff and providing a place where people can socialize and work in groups should be one of the top priorities of the facility.
Sadly, booking a room for a meeting can take more than a week and an improvised group of students might have a hard time finding a place to work together, since the seating area of the Commons is usually brimming with people.

People offered various solutions such as a room that could be only booked that same day, to solve this kind of problem.

“I went over to Patti Church and told her that this is a fantastic event and we want more, we’re hungry for more,” stated Al-Munayer.

“I recommend this to everyone,” said Godfrey Joekumar, an alumni from the computer programming course as well “design thinking is crucial and they (the students) should try it out.”