A LinkedIn expert told Algonquin College that personal photos are paramount  in professional-sector  social media.

That is because when the user has their profile 100 per cent complete, it will show up before those that are not finished, said Donna Alexander, an employment specialist for LinkedIn

The AC Hub along with Employment Services hosted the presentation.

Alexander had plenty of information for students trying to get connected with companies and potential employers. In her own personal experience, LinkedIn helped her extensively.

“It helped me immensely, first using it to recruit. Then I realized that I wasnted to work at LinkedIn. In order to get noticed I knew I had to beef up my profile.

To do that Alexander suggests including anything and everything relevant to the field of interest.

“Everyone has more experience than they think,” said Alexander. “Consider volunteering, as 41 per cent of employers consider unpaid experience the same as paid.”

LinkedIn has over 332 million members worldwide and they gain two every second. In Canada alone there are 10 million members.

For those wondering how LinkedIn differs from other job websites such as Monster or Indeed, LinkedIn is much more about the connections that you make. Whereas the others  are just for those looking for jobs. Seventy nine per cent of LinkedIn membership is passive, which means that they are not there looking for jobs. Rather they are there trying to market their company and find employees said Alexander.

Alexander explained that the most important element of a LinkedIn profile is definitely a profile picture. As a former recruiter, nine times out of 10 Alexander would scroll right past a profile that was lacking a picture. LinkedIn gives completed profiles priority in searches.

The second most important aspect of a profile is the headline, as it is the second element that employers see. Make that headline interesting, thought provoking and show your passion, she said.

She suggests staying away from excessive hash tagging and posting politically or religiously – provocative material.
Alexander encourages anyone who wants to work for LinkedIn to do their homework, learn everything about the company and most importantly network with those within the company. This goes for all employers.