Business savvy students at the Pembroke campus have something to look forward to this semester with the introduction of the entrepreneur-in-residence.

Christopher Doré works on the web-based business Bizzen which helps business owners buy and sell businesses. Doré is taking the position of entrepreneur in residence for the Pembroke campus. His goal is to build a base for entrepreneurial spirit as well as offer support to students looking to start a business. Doré plans to see all 700 students of Pembroke campus through various presentations, events and meetings.

One of the things that we will be doing is offering mentorship to students that have business ideas and want to help to progress it,” said Doré.

Along with the entrepreneur in residence, an advisory board is being created within the community to create an entrepreneurial environment.

The small size of the Pembroke campus, along with the small community size, allows for more innovation at a faster pace. This is not as feasible at the Woodroffe campus due to the number of students. The advisory board is hoping to host various activities at the Pembroke campus.
“We have applied for a TEDx licence for Pembroke,” said Doré. “There is a summit program (at Woodroffe campus) that we are hoping to have some kids from Pembroke attend during the summer. There’s talk of having entrepreneurship boot camps out in Pembroke during the summer. There is a lot of talk. Hopefully these are all things that will evolve and things will be added to it.” The TEDx licence will provide a platform to speakers that do not often have one. Speeches are not required to be business or entrepreneurially related.

The primary goal of the program is to fulfil the mission and vision of Algonquin, which is to transform hopes and dreams into skills and knowledge, leading to lifelong career success, as well as to be a global leader in digitally connected applied education and training.

We are not just thinking about the business program when thinking of entrepreneurship,” said the manager of Community and Student Affairs at the Pembroke campus, Jamie Bramburger ”It must be broader.”
The entrepreneur-in-residence, funded by the Eastern Ontario Development Program, will have an effect within the community as well. A number of business owners are looking to transition out. This opens up mentorship opportunities. The more successful entrepreneurs there are, the more jobs that will be created as a result. The Renfrew County Community Futures Development Corporation administers the program at a local level, as laid out by the media release by Algonquin on Jan.
Doré has started his position as entrepreneur in residence and is eager to channel the enthusiasm at the Pembroke campus. He is still working part time at the Woodroffe campus as well.