Algonquin and Milano Pizzeria are teaming up to help young food-enthusiasts reach their goals.

The 12 Chefs for Charity drive, hosted at all 34 Milano locations in Ontario, will see Algonquin’s own Culinary Arts instructor, Patrick Kostiw, and his Surf and Turf pizza submission. The entry consists of savory ingredients such as the standard Milano pizza sauce, Matane shrimp, pepperoni and cuts of steak.

It has been available throughout the month of January and is now as an added bonus, being offered until the end of February.

The charitable drive initiated in September 2014 has raised over $20,000 for different charity organizations in the city – each the choice of the respective month’s chef.

Realizing he could help out a great deal, Kostiw chose a scholarship fund for the school of Hospitality and Tourism to be his means of donation. When asked which charity he would like to contribute to, Kostiw didn’t need much time to consider before thinking of the difficulties some students are forced to face in order to make ends meet.

“I wanted to tie together the classical idea of cooking that we do here at the college with the pizza,” Kostiw said. “It represents what we teach our students at the college, classic things that work well together. Then you can make it your own and have an adventure with it.”

President of the Milano pizza organization, Mazen Kassis, is thrilled with the success of the fundraiser.

“We wanted to use the campaign not only to raise money for charity but to have the chef actually create something of their own and introduce it to the market,” said Kassis. “It’s a fantastic pizza and we’re hoping it does great numbers.”

It was in August of last year when Kostiw was approached with the idea by a friend with whom he worked at the Prime Minister’s residence before coming to the college five years ago. Kostiw says he was “on-board 100 per cent,” ready to submit a work of his own.

“I wanted to make sure I brought the college and this opportunity together,” said Kostiw.

The proceeds of $2 for every small, $3 for a medium and $4 for every large or extra-large Surf and Turf pizza that Milano sells will be put into the scholarship fund. Donations can also be made online at the college’s website.

The event will run until August and see submissions from different celebrity chefs across Ottawa.