By: Brooke Timpson

Algonquin has been planning and promoting the April 8 launch of the co-curricular record program on campus since August 2012. The official launch will feature speeches from the Students’ Association.

Campus contributions are about to count for a lot more with the introduction of Algonquin’s co-curricular record program coming early April.

“More and more employers are looking for students who are active in their studies and in other ways,” said Joanne MacDonald, manager of career services and student activities at the college.

“The school decided to introduce the co-curricular program because it is meant to enhance the post-secondary experience and create a balance of students’ studies and being involved in other ways.”

The co-curricular record is an initiative aimed to help students track and print an official record of their college affiliated volunteer work.

Aimed to help compliment a resume or non-academic activities, the co-curricular record will be an official document that students can provide to their potential employers, said MacDonald. With the record, employers will receive an authenticity code that can be used to verify the college-approved activities that students contributed to during their schooling.

“We called (this program) a ‘record’ rather than a transcript because we wanted to have a piece that would be able to recognize and compliment the importance of students’ official transcripts,” said MacDonald.

The official launch for the co-curricular program is on April 8 at the Student Commons at 11 a.m. and will feature speeches from Students’ Association president David Corson and Algonquin president Kent MacDonald.

“I think the college naturally roles out plans and programs for students that work very well for our students,” said MacDonald.

“Great marks are, well, great but when you participate in lots of activities too you get a balanced and happy student.”