By: Jay Coghlan

Lee Anderson, student in Warrick’s culinary class.


Ron Eade is a former Food editor for the Ottawa Citizen and a man responsible for putting Ottawa’s food scene on the map. He is also a huge supporter of the culinary program at Algonquin, which made him a perfect candidate in the eyes of Chefs and Professors Scott Warrick and Mario Ramsay for a bursary in his honour.

Warrick and Ramsay wanted to help those students who show a passion for culinary arts and have a plan to continue in the field after completing their time at the college.

“Ron’s always been one of the biggest supporters to our program here at the college,” said Warrick.

Warrick and Ramsay first conceived the idea of the bursary after Eade retired from the Citizen in July 2012. Warrick said when they first approached Eade with their plan, he wasn’t completely on board.

“He was a little hesitant at first,” said Warrick. “It’s a bit like having an obituary written about you while you’re still alive.”

Eade eventually came around to the idea of the bursary because of his passion for the Algonquin culinary program.

“I am honoured to contribute in this way to culinary excellence at the Algonquin College School of Hospitality, home to the second-largest college culinary arts program in the country,” Eade said in a press release.

The chefs have several events planned to fundraise for the bursary including a charity auction and dinner. The dinner will be held at the Restaurant International at the college on March 21, the four course meal will be prepared and served by students in the culinary program.

“If we can raise $12,500 with our fundraising and hand that to them, we are granted a $500 bursary for life,” said Warrick.

Eade continues to be active in the culinary world during retirement  through his blog Omnivore’s Ottawa.