The Algonquin computer engineering technology program led the 2012-2013 employment report with all 18 of 18 responding graduates available for employment being employed.

The program boasts a 100 per cent employment rate, up from the 78 per cent the previous year, the report said.

“We have a very strong co-op program, which I think is helping people know about our grads and hire them,” said Linda Crane, coordinator and professor of the program.

As one of the college’s founding programs, computer engineering technology has gone through a lot of change over its 47 year history.

“It’s a testament to our adapting to the market,” said Crane. “We work very hard to keep our product marketable.”

The total employment rate for all programs was 86 per cent, up from the previous year’s 85 per cent.

The medical radiation technology program not only scored near-perfect on graduate employment, but also reports the highest average salary of any program.

Other programs that scored very high on post-graduate employment include digital animation, developmental services worker – intensive, early childhood education and kitchen and bath design.

The programs with the lowest rates of post-graduate employment include accounting, Game development and water and waste water technician.