~c_Novack - PereiraFrom college radio to the big leagues, a graduate from Algonquin’s radio broadcasting program is working as an on-air voice for an Ottawa radio station.

Johnny Novak, 25, graduated from the radio broadcasting program in 2011 and is currently a part-time DJ for Jump! 106.9.

Two weeks into the program, Novak was introduced into the world of on-air radio by being put on the college’s radio station CKDJ.

In the hands-on program, with a variety of subjects and learning exercises, Novak developed skills that he still uses today working at Jump! 106.9.

“Communication skills, production skills, networking skills, all of it I still use today,” said Novak. “The communication skills were specifically helpful, even just in everyday life talking to people I use what I learned.”

Novak was hired by the radio station in April 2014 when the station was transitioning from The Bear to Jump! 106.9, and has been working as an on-air personality ever since.

Working as a DJ for the station, Novak is given the opportunity to cover and attend all kinds of events and get heavily involved with the community. For example, he has staffed booths at several concerts such as Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour and attended events put on by the station such as its singles party held on Feb.13.

“It’s pretty cool,” said Novak. “The events are always a lot of fun and as a station we really like to be involved with the community.”

Working as a DJ Novak is required to work late nights and early mornings, not leaving him much downtime. But doing what he loves and the added bonus of having co-workers as close friends makes it all worth it.

“Johnny’s awesome,” said Damian “Mr.D” Rickards, one of Novak’s fellow DJ’s at the station. “He’s a hardworking and driven guy with a great talent who’s just getting started.”

Despite having a station job and co-workers that he loves, finding success didn’t come easily for Novak. Getting a job after college wasn’t easy and even had Novak considering other alternatives.

“Trying to find a job after college was really difficult,” said Novak. “I was having no luck with any jobs that I was applying for and it really got me considering other options.”

But that wasn’t meant to be, as a few months later Novak would get his job at Jump! 106.9.

“At the time I was thinking of quitting, so applying was kind of a last try,” said Novak. “I figured I had nothing to lose. I can’t begin to describe how surprised and happy I was when I found out I actually got the job.”

In a fast-paced, exciting and demanding field finding a job in radio may not be easy but Novak says having a little faith in yourself is key to success.

“It’s so tough for grads to find jobs and a lot of internships will take advantage of you because you’ll work for free,” said Novak. “You just have to take opportunities, know your surroundings and really just believe in yourself.”

Next, while Novak plans on continuing his job at the station, he hopes to be able to start his own comedic educational web series called The More You Novak. As of right now he has started it as a Tumblr blog but if things go as he plans over the next year he hopes to start transforming it into the web series of his dreams.