AC Hub employee Marleigh Cheaney chops cilantro to add o her chicken curry. This was the second dish of the workshop put on by the AC Hub on March 2.


Algonquin students traded a night of ramen noodles for a two hour lesson on cooking from the culinary management program. On March 20 after most classes had finished, students gathered in the H-building to attend a culinary workshop hosted by the AC Hub.

Once the introductions and safety procedures were taken care of the cooking was underway. While most students had no prior cooking experience, within the first half hour the kitchen was alive with knife chops and began to sound more like a professional kitchen instead of students in a culinary class.

“I work for the AC hub so we come to all these events, but I don’t really know how to cook so it seemed like a pretty good idea.” said Marleigh Cheaney, who was accompanied by two more people from the AC Hub, and filming it for the AC Hub show.

By the time the dishes were being done everyone was able to take home some of their own cooking and a pamphlet so they could try the recipe again at home.

“Yes, definitely I kept the book, I’m going to try it again.” said Lorine Esene, an international business student.