“Cobains back, yeah, Cobains back, Got these crazy white boys yellin’ ‘Cobain’s back’”.

The Student Commons erupted on Sept. 29 with nearly 800 students eagerly belting out the lyrics to Machine Gun Kelly’s smash hit Wild Boy.

The 25 year-old Cleveland, Ohio rapper burst into the mainstream rap scene with the loud, aggressive track back in 2012. He delivers hard hitting, profanity laced lyrics with the rapid-fire style that inspired his stage name.

He is currently on tour in the US and Canada promoting his second Studio album General Admission, due out Oct. 16.

He put an enormous amount of energy into the show, running and jumping around the theatre and even into the crowd a few times. With the feral intensity reminiscent of a punk or hard-core rock show, the crowd was moving for the majority of MGK’s hour and a half long set.

Interspersed into his frenzied, fast paced songs, he played some slow jams, even breaking out an acoustic guitar at one point.

While EST. 19XX (MGK’s brand) affiliated rapper Dub-O and some of the better known openers like Ottawa-based Swisha T and Mace Milly had no problem enthralling the crowd during their respective sets, the night got off to a relatively slow start.

This was mostly due to the fact that general admission ticket holders were restricted to the tiered seating area and balcony, making moshing difficult and resulting in people sitting down during performances.

Despite the slow burn at the start, it was loud, it was wild, and it was exactly what fans were expecting.