E_Regurgitator (online)
Stevie Starr


As a child, Stevie Starr started swallowing his allowance in the orphanage he grew up in in Scotland so that he could save it to use at a later time. He’s now perfected his talent and swallows many more things from coins to live fish.

He has appeared on several talent shows and talk shows showcasing his skill. Today, he mostly tours colleges and universities shocking students, friends and parents with his strange act.

Fresh off of popular TV show America’s Got Talent, the professional regurgitator Stevie Starr, visited The Observatory on Oct. 20 to perform for a sold-out crowd.

How do you explain what Starr does for a living? “I’m a swallower,” he joked with his audience on Tuesday night.

The capacity crowd of 260 people watched in awe as Starr swallowed and regurgitated coins – calling himself the slot machine. He also swallowed light bulbs, a pool table ball, soap to regurgitate bubbles, several fish and more.

Starr interacts a lot with his audience. He went around the crowd asking women for their rings which he then swallowed. He later brought those women up on stage and regurgitated their rings back up one by one. He joked and almost had the audience convinced that the last woman to receive her ring back would swallow a fish on stage with him.

“I thought it was real, I thought she was going to swallow the fish,” said Brittney Sander an Algonquin pre-health science student whose mom was the woman who was supposed to be hypnotized into swallowing nemo.

However, Laura Sander knew there was no way she was going to swallow that fish. But she still loved the show.

“He was fantastic,” said Sander. “I think he’s swallowing and if it’s a trick he’s doing a damn good job.”