Spencer Rice sits with Algonquin's sexual violence and harm reduction prevention coordinator, Sarah Crawford to answer student questions about sex. Amanda Nielson presented each question to Rice and Crawford.

What’s a blumpkin? If you wear a purity ring, can you still receive anal sex?

Spencer Rice of Kenny vs. Spenny fame took to the stage at Algonquin’s Observatory on Sept. 19 to answer these and other anonymous questions and more about sex in the most outrageous, raunchy and helpful manner he could.

Among the hilarious, offbeat questions that were asked included the proper way to use a finger for pleasure, and what kind of sex would you prefer for the rest of your life — regular, oral or anal?

Rice decided to use that question to take a hilarious stand for the underrated sex act of the hand job. As raunchy as the show got, however, there were some more insightful questions and answers that ranged from how to discourage masturbation judgment to whether a guy can give oral sex to another without being considered gay.

Both Rice and Crawford used such penetrating questions to provide comedic commentary and explain that people should look at sex in a mature and healthy manner.

“We want to shine a light on sexual violence and help navigate healthy sexual relationships,” said Crawford. “We want to open up conversation of sexual abuse while openly talking about sex like adults.”

Students were able to write down personal and/or funny questions about sex onto cards provided before the show. The event’s host Amanda Nielson would then read out the questions for Rice or the college’s sexual violence and harm reduction prevention coordinator Sarah Crawford, to answer.

Nielson was able to set the mood for the crowd by exclaiming that the show is not going to be like your sixth grade sex-ed class — and that if anyone is easily offended, they should just leave.

In the middle of the show, Rice and Crawford gave out sex toys as prizes to audience members who agreed that Rice was attractive and who the guest performer would sleep with. These prizes included dildos for the women and masturbation toys for the men.

After the show, Rice was able to hold a meet-n-greet for the audience where he took pictures with fans and signed merchandise. Rice agreed that the event was a success and that he enjoyed his time on stage with Crawford.

“It’s great to have someone on stage with me who actually knows what they’re talking about,” said Rice. “I would love to work with her again any day of the week, except Sunday, because that’s the Lord’s day.”

Rice continued to comment that it was very natural for him to be up on the stage, talking about sex so openly and casually.

“This is very easy for me; all I have to do is be honest and tell the truth,” joked Rice. “It’s a hell of a lot easier than playing guitar.”

Rice has spent a good chunk of his career openly talking about his experiences with sex and porn addiction including X-Rayted and Confessions of a Porn Addict.

“Part of me is to be honest,” said Rice. “I think it’s a complex issue that allows a lot of different comedic openings and I think it’s something that needs to be discussed.”