By: Hillary Robert

On Wednesday Jan. 9 the hostess duo, Krystal Caring and Zelda Marshall, returned to the Observatory for another round of Dirty Bingo.


The sell-out event is a great way to get students to laugh and giggle over salacious comments while being provided with brochures on how to keep sex safe.

College is viewed by many students as the time and place for experimentation and with that comes the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

“It encourages students to pick up brochures and condoms,” said Brigette Bell, an Algonquin early childhood education student. “During the bingo they don’t really talk about safe sex, but everything is there for you.”

Though the safe sex message of the event is cached behind the glitz and glamour of Zelda and Krystal’s often shimmering outfits, it still holds a presence.

Towards the back of the main level in the Observatory, the student association set up a booth with brochures on STDs, safety tips and many varieties of condoms.

Students are encouraged by the hostesses to take some home and be safe.

Vulgar language, crude obscenities and sexual slurs don’t bother the attending students and their guests who come for a night of lecherous entertainment.

“There is no point in getting offended by what they say,” said Bell. “It’s all fun and games.”

Seats were still hard to find and the bartenders were certainly kept busy but the event on January 9th wasn’t as busy as previous bingo nights however, tickets were close to the sell-out point.

“We sell out almost every time,” said Zelda Marshall, one of the hostesses. “I’ve seen this place more crowded.”

Zelda Marshall couldn’t be happier to be involved in such an event. The hostess, an Ottawa drag queen who performs in weekly shows at Swizzles Bar in downtown Ottawa, always looks forward to coming back.

“We love coming and having fun, making other people have fun.” said Marshall. “Even if they didn’t win a prize, everyone is leaving here with a smile on their faces.”

The students who attend Dirty Bingo on a regular basis wait in anticipation for the next event and are crossing their fingers that the hostesses will continue being such a drag.

“The hostesses are great! They’re having just as much fun as we are,” said the guest of an Algonquin student, Megan Bleackley. “I’m looking forward to next time!”