Julia Hladkowicz was quick to ask some deep questions to the crowd of over 50 people.

“Ladies, if you had a dick for a day what would you do?”

The raunchy comedian received plenty of laughs during her set at The Observatory, where she regularly got off stage and interacted with the crowd on Oct. 21.

This led to a couple of students thinking it would be fun to add their opinions to the show. Both Hladkowicz and Matt O’Brien, the comedian who followed her, shut them down despite the hecklers’ determination.

“They were evil,” Hladkowicz commented emphatically after the show.

O’Brien took the stage for the second half of the hour-long show. Brimming with energy, knocking over a mic stand and a chair as he came to the stage, he asserted his dominance over the rowdy students he could hear from back stage.

Even after one student literally yelled “I’m going to kill you,” and was dealt with by security, he remained upbeat.

He covered many topics from his personal life, like the time he showed his poop to a cleaning lady in Mexico and his experience buying Plan B in college. A long tale about a drunken trip to the Peterborough zoo left students guffawing, and also explained why O’Brien will never do mushrooms.

Both comedians have performed at many YukYuks locations and the Just for Laughs festival as well. The comedy night is part of a series put on by the SA and was free to Algonquin students.