In recent weeks, Rolling Stone has released a list of top 10 horror movies of 2016, recognizing the film work of Robert Menzies, an advertising program graduate from Algonquin College.

The Netflix original I am the pretty little thing that lives in the house was produced by Menzies with Zed Filmworks, a production company Menzies founded in 2007.

Airing on Oct. 28, the Netflix original quickly gained popularity and was recognized as the sixth best horror movie of 2016 by the Rolling Stone. Collider also picked the film as one of the best horror movies of 2016.

Regular Rolling Stone contributor, Charles Bramesco, says that this year was a good year for horror and that the movie Menzies produced stood out.

“Its an eye-catching film because for a lot of viewers this was their first introduction to this director Oz Perkins, who has a very distinctive style,” said Bramesco. He went on to say the movie has a Gothic theme and displays a fully formed vision.

Menzies didn’t ascend into this spotlight suddenly; he’s been working for years on many different movies with many different stars. Emma Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence and Cuba Gooding Jr. are just some of the big names he’s been working with over the years.

At one point in 2010, the movie House at the end of the street was shot inside Algonquin College, doubling for a high school. This production made 100 jobs locally and put over $1 million into the Ottawa economy.

Menzies is proud to bring business to Ottawa and wants more movie productions to take place here.

With this growing movie scene being propelled by Menzies, it’s not hard to imagine more big productions taking place here in the capital city more often.