From front; Brent Robillard, Matt Meloche, Jeremy Secchi and Matt Chusroskie practice their war tactics on Call of Duty in vibrating gaming chairs. The video game tournament included Call of Duty, NHL, FIFA, NBA and Smash Bros.


The We Got Game video game tournament, hosted by the Students’ Association, offered a full day of fun for students on Feb. 3 in the Student Commons.

The gaming event takes place at 40 different campuses across Ontario. Algonquin and Carleton University are the eastern-most schools involved.

“We want to entertain students,” said Dave Miller, host and chief financial officer of We Got Game.

The six-hour event had students compete against each other in a series of games, some for enjoyment, others for competition. Rounds narrowed down the competitors for finals that would decide the ultimate champion.

There were three winners of the day that received a $50 gift card; one Smash Bros. champion, one NHL champion and a FIFA champion.

The overall turnout was less than expected due to the music being quieter than usual.

Miller hopes to attract non-gamers to these events. Using Dance Central on the Xbox Kinect to draw students in and get excited about the world of video games.

Many passersby stopped to watch others shake and jump to the music, showcasing their dancing talents while groups of students watched the screens as gamers scored goals, fired machine-guns, and nailed lay-ups.

The most popular games at the event included Smash Bros., NHL, FIFA, NBA, Call of Duty and various dancing games on the Xbox Kinect.

With 20 systems, vibrating gaming chairs and the latest games, We Got Game offered a complete experience for competing students.

The Toronto-based company offers events to school campuses as well as corporate events for children that include Mario Kart and more interactive games.

There will be one more We Got Game event later in the semester, the third this school year.