Gilson Lubin is so funny he makes himself laugh as he performs in the Observatory

Canadian comedian Gilson Lubin had everyone laughing during a free show at the Observatory Wednesday the 24th.

Lubin has been doing comedy for 16 years and has made appearances on popular television programs such as HBO, MTV and Just for Laughs with his stand-up. Algonquin Collegehad the privilege of experiencing his comedy first hand the other nightwith an hourlong set.

During his show, he mused on his experiences before comedy, like the time he was in a tampon commercial and his experiences couchsurfing. He also spoke on what it’s like to get pulled over while high, and you can just imagine how that story went.

Lubin is originally from the Caribbean, where he was born on the island of St Lucia. He moved to Toronto when he was 13 and has lived in Canada ever since. In high school he wanted to be a writer but his marks did not add up to that. However, his friends in school told him he should be a comedian and he has been working on it ever since.

Since Universityhis career has skyrocketed and he has opened for famous comedians such as Dave Chappelle and Russell Peters. He says the most rewarding part of comedy is “the learning experience.”

“So much news and information flies through a comedy room because you have all these different people talking about different things about the world today.” Lubin says.

The hardest part, however, is reading a room and understanding how to make different audiences laugh.

After his cross-Canada tour, he wishes to start working on his own television show where he would write and direct his own material. Look out for Lubin on the road and on television soon because he has a lot of upcoming shows while he continues to make people laugh all over. Check out his website for more info.