Comedian John Hastings rouses the crowd during one of the popular Yuk Yuk’s comedy nights at the Observatory on Jan. 15
Comedian John Hastings rouses the crowd during one of the popular Yuk Yuk’s comedy nights at the Observatory on Jan. 15

By Dylan Conway-Hartwick

Local comedian John Hastings and Nova Scotia native Kyle Hickey took the stage at the Observatory on Jan. 15 for a crowd-rousing performance full of wild antics and show-stopping jokes.

As the first Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Night of 2014, there were more than a few silly moments, with plenty of one-liners made towards rowdy audience members along the way. After receiving multiple interruptions from the noisy crowd during his act, Hastings jokingly confiscated some drinks from the front row, but he says that’s typical for a college show.

College is kind of loose and ridiculous,” he stated. “Tonight got justifiably out of hand, but it’s one of those things where its college… So you can attack the crowd a little bit because they expect it and no one really cares.”

As the show progressed with Hickey yelling obscenities in his usual goofy and dramatic ways, individuals all around the Ob had something to laugh about. With his act covering everything from long-distance relationships to crazy parties and college stereotypes, students found that it was an act to remember.

I loved the show; it was so over-the-top funny but also relatable for college students. If they didn’t include the audience so much it would not be as entertaining for sure,” said Luisa D’Alessandro, a first-year Pre-Health student who attended the show.

For Hickey, the college atmosphere helps to make a great show.

I went to college, so I sort of play towards that… It’s always a bit more rowdy and students always get more pop-culture references than an older audience would,” Hickey said.

For Hastings, college wasn’t all fun and games. After attending school for theatrical arts, Hastings said that focusing on his education surprisingly helped him make such a successful comedy career today. Hickey, who received an English degree, also said that he still uses many of the skills he learned when he’s up on stage.

I use my education every day; A lot of theatrical traits like staying in the moment, not repeating patterns and establishing boundaries. What happened tonight with people yelling in the audience created a moment that I could keep going back to, it was annoying but it became a big part of the act,” Hastings said.

When all was said and done, Hastings returned the beer he had seized, and wrapped the night up with the final joke of his act.

I want the people who like me to like me, and there are some people that I know won’t like it… But you’re not going to change your act up for just one person!