By: Christopher Mines

Events Manager Bill Kitchen and theater technician Gord Elliott sitting in the commons theater.

Free movies are screened at the student commons by the Student Association at least once a month. While theatre companies choose the movies they show months in advance, the SA says their choices are a simple matter of giving students what they want to see.

The SA has a public viewing licence that allows them to screen pre-released movies. The SA and the department of Student Affairs and Orientation (SAO) organize polls on their Facebook pages asking students which movies they want to see. The SA and SAO then review the submissions for approval. The most recent movie screened was the critically acclaimed Argo directed by Ben Afleck. Nearly 100 people watched Argo and hundreds more came to see The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises.

Unfortunately some students are not taking advantage of what the SA has to offer. “I would not go unless tickets were substantially less than regular movie tickets or if they were free,” said second-year biotechnology student Andrew Royce.

“It is very unfortunate that some students do not know what their college has to offer,” said Student Affairs and Orientation officer Sophia Bouris. “The purpose is to offer students a theatre experience without having to pay.” Students and their families should take advantage of their state-of-the-art theatre said Bouris.

“Every movie that is screened is an entire reflection of the SA,” said events programmer Bill Kitchen. Kitchen said that student-sponsored events are advertised on various bulletin boards and ratings are included even though most of the student population are adults.

Kitchen said students want the SA to screen good movies and that these events are built into the SA budget to make college fun. The key is for all students to have a fun and free relaxing night. “Hopefully they are all enjoying it,” said Kitchen.