By: Kaylea Groover

After about an hour-long performance in the Algonquin Studio Theatre, a still energetic Kira Isabella greets me with a smile and a hug that skims over my nervously outstretched hand.

The enthusiasm radiates off the 19-year-old as she signs autographs, poses for pictures and talks to her high school friends. She finally sits down outside the N-building theatre and answers a few of my questions.

Isabella is incredibly humble about her rising fame as she brushed off the question of her celebrity status. The modesty this young Orleans native embodies was apparent from her very first step onto the small stage in N Building. It is clear she was nervous as she took to the stage but as she settled into her first couple songs, and asked for the lights to be turned on, she visibly calmed and her performance really took off.

“I was terrified, I haven’t been this nervous in a while,” said Isabella. “I just walked out there and my hands were shaking and it was just crazy.”

Isabella signed to Sony Records when she was just 16 and since then has hit singles that have pushed her into the big leagues.

“Oh my gosh, I still don’t think I’m big,” she said.

With the upcoming release of her first album, a Canadian Country Music Award (CCMA) for ‘Rising Star’ and a Canadian Radio Music award; the young artist has even more to look forward to as she opens for Carrie Underwood’s Ontario dates and tours with Terri Clark in the spring of 2013.

“The CCMA, I just took as acceptance into the Canadian country music family,” said Isabella. “So that took a little bit of pressure and a little bit of weight off, it’s still kind of overwhelming for sure.”

Robin Dell’Unto, an artist from Missisauga, opened for Isabella, getting the crowd laughing and applauding her quirky but confident sound.

Isabella started her performance with a few songs that let the audience get a grasp of how powerful and talented her voice actually is.

When she played her popular single Real Good Radio, she invited her high school friend (whose car the song was about) up on stage and made shout-outs to friends in the crowd throughout the show.

The intimate concert showed the students the raw talent Isabella possesses. The talented teen has a busy year approaching but explains that she has no plans for post-secondary education as she is already living her dream.
“I don’t make plans more than a week ahead anymore because I never know, my life is crazy but that’s awesome,” said Isabella.

Her music appeals to young country fans like Taylor Swift’s music does but Isabella’s is genuine, she has incredible writing and vocal talent leaving you tapping your foot along with the beat and waiting to hear her next hit.