juicecup cover

It was a battle between #TeamAfrica and #TeamWestIndies at the Algonquin commons theatre when the Juice Cup came to town on March 6.

The crowd was split evenly, only slightly favouring #TeamWestIndies, but once the comedians took the stage, they delivered joke after joke keeping the theatre echoing with laughter.

Three comedians represented each side. For #TeamWestIndies it was Jay Martin, White Yawdie and Majah Hype. #TeamAfrica was represented by Dulo, Trixx and Aphrican Ape. Each comedian took their turn and the judges determined who won each round.

With so many different backgrounds in attendance, the one joke the comedians were sure would make everyone laugh was when Canada came under the spotlight.

“On your exams you’ll say you got an A, eh, and the plastic money and the $100 dollars that smell like maple syrup. I would just end up putting it in my sandwiches,” said Dulo, who had opened the show for #TeamAfrica.

The comedians focused on growing up in their home countries and took turns taking shots at the other teams countries, getting one half of the crowd riled up and the other in tears from laughter.

#TeamWestIndies dominated for most of the night but it was the lone Canadian in the show Trixx who stole the show for #TeamAfrica. Bringing up jokes ranging from his Canadian upbringing to playing dominos with friends and family and how it never was just a game.

“It’s good having a little diversity in Ottawa Trixx was my favorite, he was it for me, he was a good one and I think he is Canadian too,” said Jennifer Robilliard.

Despite Trixx’s effort, #TeamWestIndies took the win. They will be defending it again at the next show in Montreal.