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Pat Maloney


The Students’ Association’s latest installment of its monthly, free Intimate & Acoustic concert series saw Jake Robertson and Pat Maloney take the stage.

The enthusiastic Robertson quickly converted a small crowd of two-dozen students who filled the N-building Student Theatre to reggae fans. His act was largely made up of covers from Sugar Ray and Inner Circle, with original songs of his own strewn throughout.

Robertson took requests during his 45-minute set and urged audience members to pull out their phones and record him, then share their videos through the wonders of social media.

Algonquin graduate and Ottawa-native Maloney kicked off the show by making jokes with the audience. Maloney engaged the audience between songs, sharing stories of his relationships and tales of his travels around the globe.

The performers have now played many shows together, with Maloney admitting to be a big fan of Robertson’s music.

“Thanks again for having me,” said Robertson. “This has been cool—and intimate.”

Lucidly Acoustic Music

Jake Robertson plays his new single Ricochet during his performance at Algonquin on Nov. 16. The singer-songwriter won the 2011 Toronto Future Star Competition.

Ottawa-native Pat Maloney playing his Intimate & Acoustic set at Algonquin. Maloney was the show-opener on Nov. 16.