In the late 1940s, Hank Williams was a large force in the country music scene, and is still influencing other artists to this day; and Jason Petty, a Nashville based actor and singer, is one of them.

After getting positive reviews from both the New York Times and the Rolling Stone for his portrayal of Hank Williams, it’s easy to say he’s a veteran of the music world.

Jason Petty first performed the role of Hank Williams at a historic Nashville Auditorium in 1996.

Petty did research on Williams by meeting his friends, family members and musicians where they shared thorough details of this life and career so that petty could make his performance that much more authentic.

But starting on April 1, Petty will be going on the Hank Williams: The Lonesome Tour starting in Lindsay, Ont. and ending in Peterborough, Ont. on April 4.

In between these dates is his third stop, the Algonquin Commons Theatre on April 3 at 7 p.m.

This is Petty’s first time being on tour in Ottawa.

“I’m always excited about going to new places,” said Petty.

With his one-man show running around an hour long, Petty thinks that “Hank’s music is best heard with just a man and his guitar.”

Rocklands Entertainment are hosting the concert, putting tickets on sale for $55 plus a service fee which differs from the $130 regular price for his tickets in the U.S.

Marlene Palmer, a public agent for Petty, says that they’d like to keep the prices low because of the older audience with memories of Williams that are expected.

What sets this show apart from the other shows that have happened this year is the combination of music and food that Restaurant International is helping with. Algonquin College’s teaching restaurant called Restaurant International will be offering reserved three course meals in the location right beside the venue before the show.

With lower than average ticket-prices, reserved three course meals and Hank Williams playing in the background, April 3 is set to be a night full of classic music and professionally cooked food.