Krystal Caring and Zelda Marshall are the naughty queens that Dirty Bingo in the Observatory every month.

“If you think anything I’ve said here is offensive, it all goes downhill from here… and I don’t give a s**t.”

Krystal Caring wastes no time in addressing right off the bat those who would be off-put by the vulgar brand of comedy known to fans of Dirty Bingo.

This isn’t your grandma’s game of bingo. The similarities end at how the game is played and in this version, drag queen duo Zelda Marshall and Krystal Caring host a ridiculous and lewd version that sees players gunning for prizes like dildos and vibrators, with one winner even receiving a buttplug.

On Feb 13. to a full house of over 100 people in attendance, Marshall and Caring do what they do best; they entertain.

Caring works the floor, having fun with the crowd and cracking vulgar jokes just as often as Marshall is calling out numbers. The games are quick and the queens are quicker, always jumping at the chance for a witty remark and never struggling to make the crowd laugh.

The queens host Dirty Bingo every month and tickets sell out quickly almost every time, with the proceeds going to charities. Caring is also a graduate of the commercial photography program here at Algonquin, and uses those skills to sell a variety of items including magnets and calendars with her.

After nearly a decade of bingo, the queens are still going strong and still enjoying themselves each and every time, because to them it isn’t about the money. Their show is all about having fun, with their smiles wide and their spirits high.

They’re not alone; the crowd loves the show, never struggling to hold in laughter and never shy to join in on the risqué antics. The queens encourage this openness right from the beginning with the bingo callout consisting of males screaming “hard on!” and females exclaiming “wet pu**y!” when they reach a bingo.

There are many repeat players in the audience and the queens remember them too. Krystal walks over to one and praises her for returning for three years, giving a sense of how much the visitors love the show and the queens as well. Many of the guests run up to take pictures and talk at any opportunity they get, with some even giving the queens gifts.

The audience loves the brand of humour, they love the queens’ quick wit and looks, and the queens love the audience for the same. They always enjoy how willing the audience is to join in and even after this many years they keep coming back and having fun.

Caring and Marshall aren’t just sexual and salacious though.

Both queens are kind and courteous while being wonderful to talk to. People of all shapes, sizes and sexualities attend the show, and they’re all accommodated.

“Do your thing, be happy be proud do what you wanna do.” says Caring.

Nobody feels uncomfortable, except for the newbies, but it never lasts long as the show is easy to settle into and the comedy easy to enjoy and relate to.

Caring and Marshall are two queens that won’t quit, they’ve forged great careers for themselves and enjoy what they do and they’ll keep gracing Algonquin with their presence for the foreseeable future. Plus, the people obviously love it, so why quit?