By: Zac Rankin

Drag queens, alcohol and hormonally charged students combined Nov. 8 to create a wild night at this year’s last Dirty Bingo sponsored by the Students’ Association.

While your grandmother would recognize the core elements of bingo, there were some very interesting deviations. When a player got bingo they would shout “boner!” if they were a man and “clitoris!” if they were a woman. And if two players got bingo at the same time they had to duel each other for the prize. This was not a duel where people unsheathe their swords and have at it, but instead was a race to see who would be the first to sheathe a water bottle with a condom.

The prizes at Dirty Bingo were in keeping with the raunchy atmosphere. Prizes included enormous dildos, edible panties and boxers, anal beads and sex games.

Two stunning drag queens, Krystal Caring and Zelda Marshall, each sporting high heels, ruby red lipstick and hair most women would die for hosted the event. Krystal played the role of insult comic and entertainer while Zelda was the MC for the evening.

Making sexual passes at some, and questioning the sexuality of others, Krystal left her prey flummoxed and blushing.

One black participant in particular was the target of her attention. “I want to get some of that dark chocolate” shouted Krystal several times throughout the evening.

Members of the Algonquin’s women’s soccer team were another target. “What’s this? A bunch of lesbians out for the night … does it come any butcher than the soccer team?”

“Nipples 43! Nipples 43!” yelled Zelda, the bingo caller. She called out every sexual word starting with B, I, N, G, and O all night long inducing laughs nearly every time. Orgasm 69 raised the decibel level in the bar from raucous to soccer-hooligan loud as student’s banged on the tables and cheered.

Samantha Naish a second-year interior decorating student was one of the winners taking home a red dildo. “This evening has been best part of my day”, she told the Algonquin Times.

Some audience members were intimidated by the two hosts. “God these women are scary and huge” said Thomas Jones first-year construction student. At his table they argued over who would take on the daunting task of going up to the front and accepting the prize if one of them won. Megan Chenier, a second-year student in the hairstylist program was able to shout out “clitoris” when she won, but blushed and was barely able to squeak out the ‘C’ word when challenged by Krystal to speak into the mic.

Dealing with the predominately straight female crowd of approximately 75 was child’s play for Zelda and Krystal. “Straight crowds are much easier to shock than gay crowds, gay crowds expect that you will be vulgar,” said Krystal.
In addition to all the fun, there was a serious dimension to the evening. Health Services set up a table manned by two students from the nursing program at Algonquin. They were distributing literature on sexual health and promoting the college’s Rapid Anonymous HIV Testing service. For more information contact Erika Dole, health promotions educator at 613-727-4723 ext 2529.