Never buy single-ply toilet paper. Ever.

At least that was the advice of headliner comedian K Trevor Wilson, from the TV show Letterkenny, as he stood in front of 100 people at The Observatory Oct. 19, and talked about the importance of multi-ply toilet paper, roommates and suffering through various Canadian climates.

“The crowd was laughing as I was walking on stage,” said Garrett Jamieson, the opening act for the comedy show Oct. 19.

The Observatory’s small quarters allowed for a very intimate performance and the audience was mainly composed of students, as opposed to their show the previous Friday at the Commons Theatre for a corporate event.

“There were a lot less restrictions on what I could and couldn’t talk about – it was a lot of fun,” said Wilson in an interview with the Times after the show.

Wilson thinks of all of his jokes as his babies and says he couldn’t possibly pick a favourite.

“You created them, grew them into something special and you’ve released them into the world to see how they do,” said Wilson. “They’re all different but they’re all special in their own way.”

He draws much of his inspiration from his day-to-day interactions with people and funny situations that happen to him when he leaves his house. “You can’t out-write real life,” he said with a laugh.

The two bearded performers are hardly new to the entertainment world.

Winnipeg native Jamieson has been doing stand-up comedy for about 12 years, and Wilson is a comedy veteran of 16 years.

His first ever gig in the entertainment world was the comedy-horror series Goosebumps, where he played the bully.

“I always played the bully,” joked Wilson. “I’ve looked like this since I was a teenager.”

This was Wilson’s third appearance at Algonquin. “I was here last year,” said Wilson with his contagiously hearty chuckle. “And I’ll probably be back next year until they stop asking me to come back!”