Canadian music legend Leonard Cohen’s classic song Hallelujah moved audience members to ignite their lighters during a vigil-like cover performance at the Student Assoctiation’s open mic night on Tuesday, Nov. 16.

The event was held at the Observatory and attracted a variety of musical acts with over 60 people in attendance. The opening act was guitarist and singer Amanda Lowe, the host of the evening.

“I host a bunch of open mics around town, and this venue is one of my favourite. I love the new lighting system; people at the college seem to love open mic night a lot, it’s always a full venue,” she said. The sign-up list was full.

Sam Cudmore, a first year radio broadcasting student, started his performance with a cover of Hallelujah hit of the recently deceased Leonard Cohen.

“I wasn’t a massive Cohen fan, but everyone loves this song,” he said.

Members of the audience cheered and sang along, and some held their lighters aflame in the air.

“It was so cool, I’ve played in massive crowd before but this was just as fun,” said Cudmore.

Mary-Margaret Courtney, an employee of the college theatre, played an original song that night.

“It was great, so much fun, the crowd was really supportive,” she said.

Another act, played Canadian artist Sam Roberts Brother Down and a Beatles song You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away.

“It was good, I love performing, it’s my favorite hobby, and yeah I’m a huge Beatles fan, they are my favourite band,” said Mike Seguin.

Caitlyn McKnight, a radio broadcasting student who performed a Pearl Jam song, called the event “a good night; the audience was really into it.”