As Terra Lightfoot, Tim Moxam and Kelly Prescott played with their backs to the regular seating in the Observatory Jan. 26, the audience sat in armchairs on the candlelit stage less than six feet away.

The artists shared intimate details of the stories behind each song they played, while the appreciative audience sat on the stage.

It wasn’t your usual set-up for an Ob gig, but all three established artists are within the folk/acoustic side of music, though only Prescott and Lightfoot had known each other before the show. Prescott had stated that this concert was the first time they met Moxam.

After telling some jokes and getting the guitars in tune, Lightfoot suggested the audience introduce themselves too. The fans laughed with her as she proceeded to go around asking for names.

Proceeding the exchange, the artists began to play each song individually, detailing the origin and inspiration of each song.

“This was one of the most intimate shows I’ve ever played, and I’ve told more secrets this show than I’ve ever told before” said Lightfoot.

The stories told with the songs spanned from a range of topics. From Tinder, all the way to breakups, the crowd laughed and applauded.

“Just to have a room where people are eager to listen is something really special” added Prescott.

At one point, Prescott had even revealed her first tattoo of a pineapple which represents a very edgy story that can’t be included. Let’s just say it describes a lot more than just the tropical fruit.

Lightfoot followed with the song Ruthless that she says was inspired by the recent movie Straight Outta Compton. She kept the rotation of songs going afterwards, but not without adding stories of late night castle adventures in Texas.

After about one and a half hours, they had each played over three songs each and decided to end off with the three of them playing a cover of I shall be released by The Band.

“There’s something special about Ottawa” said Moxam after the show. A security guard that was working the event completely agreed.

One thing about the whole night was indisputable; it was truly intimate.