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A long walk and an empty bank account

The less you choose to pay, the farther back you park.

Now wouldn’t that make a lot more sense rather than the current unfair parking-fee system we have here at Algonquin?

Here are some more questions. Why does over 50 per cent of the parking lot cost the same amount? Why should I pay the same amount as the person that parks in the first spot of Lot 9, when because of my late classes I am forced to park in the very last spot of Lot 9? Why does it cost me so much to park so far away from the school?

Now I know I may sound like I’m whining, but I doubt I’m the only one. Money is tight for every student I know. As for me, I pay over $600 per year to walk nearly the entire parking lot four out of five days in a week. Yet some people paying the same amount as me can park only a couple of metres from the school.

I either get to school and immediately know I’ll be forced to park at the very end of the parking lot, or I somehow convince myself that if I drive around long enough a spot will open up. An angry 15 minutes later and I’m not only parked far away, but I’m now speed walking to class.

I was scheduled with no 8 a.m. classes. Maybe if I had known my classes would be later in the day and the parking lot would always be full when I arrived, I wouldn’t have paid for such expensive parking.

Yes the system should be first-come, first-served. However we definitely shouldn’t be paying the same amount to always come last. How about whomever pays their fee at the beginning of the year first, receives a spot close to the school to park? And the later you pay, the less you pay and the further back you park.

Rather than splitting the parking lot into three very uneven sections, it should be split into a lot more. Splitting the parking lot into six sections, differently priced, would ensure that someone who pays way too much for parking does not have to park as far away as possible.

With the already high amount students are paying to attend school, we should be guaranteed to get the most out of our money.


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