Algonquin's 2017 Zombie Run has been cancelled due to a lack of enrolment from students. Coordinator Wayne Boucher believes that they scheduled the event too close to Algonquin's 50th anniversary Colour Run & Walk.

One of Algonquin’s most popular traditions, the zombie run, has been cancelled for the first time since the start of the event due a lack of participation.

In an email interview with the Times, one of the event’s coordinators Wayne Boucher, revealed that the reasoning behind the students’ low participation or interest in the event could be broken down into three different possibilities.

Boucher believes that students might have heavy schedules and they simply don’t have the time available for recreational events or the warm weather has encouraged students to attend events off campus after classes.

However, Boucher also thinks that the more believable reasoning for the lack of participation for the zombie run is because it was too close to Algonquin’s 50th anniversary Colour Run & Walk on Sept. 23.

The Colour Run & Walk was an event to increase awareness in cancer survivorship in Ottawa and support cancer care and research to prevent, detect, diagnose and cure the disease. Students would be more inclined to attend that event rather than a recreational zombie run just in time for the Halloween season.

Boucher and his co-coordinator Annie Thomlinson, would love to brainstorm new ways to advertise their zombie run event to the student body to increase enrolment. Unfortunately, they have not been able to get their staff together to put an action plan in motion for next year due to other events coming up that need their attention.