Mayor Jim Watson in the Chez 106 studio after taking a pie to the face in support of Operation Come Home.

Mayor Jim Watson was pied in the face Feb. 9 after former homeless youth Shlomo Coodin exceeded his $10,000 fundraising goal.

Coodin is a 23-year-old business marketing student at Algonquin dedicated to raising money and awareness towards improvements in Ottawa’s homeless youth situation. By working together with Tim Horton’s franchisers and the Ottawa community, Coodin was able to raise over $20,000 towards Operation Come Home. Operation Come Home is an Ottawa-based charitable organization and support centre for homeless and at-risk youth above the age of 16.

The organization helps homeless youth in finding shelter, furthering their education and finding employment.

“As fun as it is to pie the mayor,” said Coodin, “kids who may need the services now know that there is a place that does this, and also that the money is really going to

This isn’t the first time Ottawa’s mayor has taken a pie to the face. In June of 2016 Watson was pied to support seniors in the Ottawa West community.

Coodin’s fundraising campaign with Operation Come Home was a significant opportunity for the mayor to help support Ottawa’s at-risk youth,, so he braved the creamy mess and let Coodin throw the pie in his face.

“They do a lot of great work so the least I could do is take a pie to the face,” said Watson.