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  • Wistleblower

    ” The college has to date lost $4.3 million since opening the campus in 2013.”

    When management and specially Algonquin vice-president Doug Wotherspoon was informed about the corruption which was occurring at the time on Jazan campus in 2015, he chose to ignore the information. Fast forward a year later the Managing Director in 2016 forced management back in Ottawa to accept the corruption that was taking place and costing Algonquin a great financial loss which all could have been prevented if Wotherspoon had listen to the staff in the first place. Why Wotherspoon chose not to act in the first place?

    ” During a January class visit with journalism students, Jensen said she was aware of the Jazan deficiencies but “didn’t think they were all issues.”

    She didn’t think they were all issues. Well what did she think they were? They didn’t want to listen and they didn’t want to think about issues. Employees who spoke the truth were the only issues to them. Not thinking was normal to them like they didn’t think or care about sending employees home without paying them their full salaries for the year.

    “It’s difficult to buy new equipment when you don’t have any money,”

    Since Algonquin College started their operation in Jazan back in 2013 and the equipment were the same until they left. “It’s difficult to buy new equipment when you don’t have any money” so is she saying that when they started they did to have money or because the real plan was to make money not spend it. They did not have money for equipment but they had money to fly senior managements first class every couple months for a couple days at a time from Canada to Saudi and Back.

    she said. “Was there some outdated equipment?” Yes, there’s outdated equipment at (the Ottawa) campus, and we have a plan on when that equipment gets replaced.”

    Sounds good except that the equipment were outdated since day one and it seems that they never had plan on when the equipment would get replaced. Again, they went there to make money not to spend it since they don’t own the site and the idea of spending money on something which you have to leave behind sounded like a loss from the beginning so they chose not to go with it.

    She said the Jazan faculty were “disappointed” when Algonquin made the decision to pull out, but it was a business decision.

    Jazan faculty were disappointed for a long time before that but she was unaware or chose to ignore the dissapointment as she chose to ignore disappointed students emails and some of the Workplace Equity Committee staff emails that requested meetings to discuss faculty issues. Her time was more invested in keeping up appearances with the local in town such as visiting villages and students families instead of finding solution for campus and staff problems

    “We left because we couldn’t make money at that campus,”

    Obviously with corruption, outdated equipment and not understanding how to work in that environment without being taking advantage of, you will never make money at any campus that way.

    “We were very happy about that,” he said, because the school would continue to operate and student and faculty impact would be minimal. “We’re still negotiating some of the final contracts.”

    Some students were never given credits by the new college and been told “Sorry we cant run a class for couple students, come back next year” and some never received their diplomas from Algonquin. Some Employees did not get a contract with the new college and they had loans from Saudi Banks.

    I think it is time that the truth about Algonquin College time in Jazan, Saudi Arabia to come out because I do not believe that the Canadian public is being told the real true story which the tax payers deserve to know!


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