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Feeling SAD? Counselling services has your back

Students who believe they’re suffering from mental health issues like anxiety and depression should not be silent about what’s bothering them.

That’s according to Jasmine Cady, a counsellor employed by Student Support Services.

“I think you need to talk about it,” she said. “I understand, that it can be tough to do, but we encourage students to call us for help whenever they need it.”

Adding to mental health issues at this time of the year is seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. It’s a type of depression that relates to the changes of seasons. Most sufferers feel it in the winter; when the weather is freezing cold and the bright blue sky turns to pitch black, by 4:45 p.m. leaving people to hibernate in their homes, waiting for a better day.

“We don’t get as much sun light (as in the summer) and a lot of people just don’t go outside as often,” Cady said. “So they do less exercise, and that isn’t good for their mental health.”

While most people are susceptible to SAD during the winter, that doesn’t mean it’s restricted to that season. “Someone could technically have it in the summer,” said Cady. “Counselling is a great resource for anyone who’s feeling depressed at any time of year.”

Every student at Algonquin who suffers from SAD isn’t alone. It’s a common issue among post-secondary students throughout Canada. But, AC’s team of qualified counsellors is here to help anyone in need; just book an appointment online on the website, talk and they’ll listen.

“There’s no stigma here, whatsoever,” said Cady. “We’re non-judgemental and we try to create an environment where students can be open and feel comfortable talking about what’s causing them to feel down.”


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