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Algonquin lockers use alarms to deter theft


Algonquin has been conducting its Locker Protection Program for its fourth year in a row to make students more secure.

Although the college recommends students do not store valuables in their lockers, some are fitted with alarms to deter theft. Security declined to disclose the number of active alarms saying that it would help determine the probability of a locker having one. Random lockers across campus are fitted with alarms that will sound whenever a person tries to force them open.

Originally, the Locker Protection Program started at Carleton University but Algonquin has since adopted it.

“We put (posters) up every year, normally at the beginning of the year because the new students might simply not know what we have here,” said Jason Condon, the coordinator of investigations at campus security.

Although the posters around campus informing students of the program say this program is new, it has been in effect for four years. Condon says if more students are made aware of the program it will help deter any potential theft.

“Certain lockers might be rented out so they’ll go in lockers that are not being used” said Condon.

Lockers in changing rooms that are not assigned to anyone may also be equipped with them.

The Ottawa campus has nearly 6,000 lockers and approximately 4,000 of them are rented out every semester. They may also be shifted to other areas to reduce the probability of a location being compromised.

“There will be a certain sense of randomness, however if there is a reported theft in a certain area then we may target that area,” said Condon.

Condon said that security examines all the technology available to them and utilizes what they see fit to protect students.

The college recommends that students use proper locks to secure their lockers. Cheaper locks may be easily forced open and more expensive locks may be difficult to remove if they are defective.

“Our policy is that you shouldn’t place your valuables in lockers and if you have to than make sure you can get some sort of coverage from home insurance,” said Roch Lafond, manager at parking, lockers, coin-ops and card services.

Lafond said that the college has this program because lockers are not completely secure and some students will still insist on storing their valuable in their lockers.

“A lot of people live out of their locker; we don’t encourage that in any way” said Lafond.

The college also discourages students from sharing lockers because of the increased security risk.

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